Why in the World Would Anyone Wear a Live Bee Dress?

Bees, although very resourceful insects – perhaps even the most resourceful of them all, are quite terrifying, nonetheless. So, why would anyone choose to surround their body with them, in some sort of live “bee dress”? Well, one beekeeper seems to have found some sort of thrill in wearing a bee dress consisting of more bees than most people would ever like near them in their entire lives!


She Ping, a 34-year-old beekeeper from Chongqing China, has donned a bee dress, not just once, but several times in his life. His first attempt was at the age of 22, when he decided to undertake this odd experience “just for fun and out of curiosity,” he said. The following times he attempted wearing a bee dress, he said was for “the sake of making people believe I sell actual real honey.”

While this might be an exciting attempt for some beekeepers, She Ping has taken this bee dress idea to the extreme. He donned his largest bee dress yet recently, wearing an astounding 456,500 bees on his body. The weight of the insects was 45 kg or more! It was his goal to beat his last record of putting 15 beehives on his own body, surpassing it with 28 beehives in total this time around.


It’s hard to imagine wearing a bee dress for any amount of time, but She Ping endured the ordeal for an incredible 40 minutes, having been stung over 20 times during the process. However, it got She Ping the press he was hoping for, as doing extreme stunts like this often does. Nonetheless, his wife worries he will be hurt quite badly if he keeps up with these feats.


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