Is Amazon 3D smartphone features a trick or a real treat?

Amazon 3D smartphone Features

Although Amazon has yet to confirm offering a smartphone in the future, rumors have nonetheless been quite rampant, especially with the recent reports, including one in The Wall Street Journal about Amazon’s plans to release a smartphone as soon as this year. However, since the reports of an Amazon smartphone haven’t been confirmed, it’s not known exactly what features the phone may have. Some unconfirmed reports have stated, though, that the phone might have a 3D interface and more than one front-facing camera. All in all, there has been speculation about a number of amazing and useful features the Amazon 3D smartphone could potentially have. Here are a few of the Amazon 3D smartphone features that we could see:


Free Streaming Video

Amazon offers a instant video service currently included with their $99 yearly Prime membership. So, some suggestions have been made that an Amazon 3D smartphone could also view this service, along with on Amazon’s Fire TV and Kindle devices, creating an additional selling point for Amazon’s smartphone.

Simplified Grocery Shopping

With an Amazon 3D smartphone, there could possibly be a simplified version of grocery shopping available, where you could scan the barcodes of grocery items in your home using your Amazon phone to quickly order groceries. Combined with the same-day Amazon Fresh grocery service the company is currently testing, this could bring Amazon smartphone users groceries within a few hours.

3D Shopping

An Amazon 3D smartphone could potentially offer 3D shopping, allowing you to see 3D images of items, making it easier to view all of their features. In addition, you might even be able to scan rooms of your home to create a 3D rendering, allowing to make furniture and home accessory shopping easier.

These are just a few of the possible features that could be seen on an Amazon smartphone. With a 3D smartphone added to their list of gadgets, Amazon could have the potential to bring in many new customers and thus, revenue, to their already booming business, especially if these features prove to be real.

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